I can’t debut a girl called Daisyy Dee without asking what happened to Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, but I may only be amusing myself. This is quite the corker of a new girl, from Buddy Wood. Daisyy is a proper California girl – coming from inland, and she traveled to LA to shoot – I think she’s rather good. She’s a pretty 26 year old, with a lovely face and those awesome lusciously full lips, and big dark eyes. A perfect 5ft 7, with just the right amount of curves to enhance those super boobs, and a nice big ass, that when spread shows the delights of that tight, smooth asshole that she loves to be used. She was instantly hard at the onset of the shoot, and for a first timer I loved her confidence and sex appeal. Let’s see more of Daisyy in the future.