It’s hard to believe it. On May 16th 2004, we debuted a pretty little Latin girl. She was photographed by a producer at the time, Vegas Bob in Las Vegas – and then in 2005 she shot with Buddy Wood as one of his first scenes, for his first DVD. Everybody knows Foxxy. Everyone loves Foxxy. Go to an adult trade show, and she’s mobbed by pornstars, producers and fans. She’s been one of my favourite people in the industry since I met her in 2005. She’s classy, she’s sexy, she’s seriously and sincerely one of the best people I know – someone who cares about other people, who is happy to nurture and mentor and this unique personality, along with her beauty and endless sex appeal is why she’s had a longevity in this industry which is almost twice as long as any other performers working today. Oh, and her great skin care regime. 20 years to the day that she was first seen on GroobyGirls… she’s back. Watch out for a lot more Foxxy this year. I’d like to thank her, just for always being her true and authentic self.