Luke London has just gotten his new VR headset and switched onto – the world’s best trans virtual reality site – and the first scene he downloaded was his number one crush, Nikki Sapphire. The screen lit up, and there in front him is the lovely Nikki, dressed in a sexy outfit and kneeling on his bed, “Hi there, want to play?” she asks. He can feel himself getting aroused already, surprised by how realistic it seems and feels. She starts to crawl up the bed towards him… and the video pauses. “What the fuck?” Luke says. A screen pops up “Try our new really real reality in beta now – Yes/No”. “Whatever!” says Luke before clicking on the Yes. The screen starts again, and the video commences – he can almost feel Nikki’s hands on his chest, and his VR device pops off his head. Nikki Sapphire is on his bed. Naked and in the flesh – and all she wants to do is play. The taste, the scent, the feel, the heat – and the moans as Luke works on pleasing this virtually real real girl, are more than he expected. [disclaimer: if you join GroobyVR Nikki Sapphire won’t actually appear on your bed in the flesh… yet]